We are teeming...

That's right we are teaming up with "Regine's Rags" to bring you a new shopping experience. For every dollar spent with this new but not so new shopping service a donation will be made to your local food bank. Because quite frankly, people have to eat and there is a very real threat of food security for those who are struggling already to meet their household needs.

Their official launch isn't until November 11th but we wanted to give you an opportunity to hear it directly from us. So what is this new shopping experience? Well, let me give you a sneak peek.

Yep that's Dolce baby and who doesn't' love Dolce and his friend Gabana. I have shopped her closet full of designer wear from all over the world. This lady has literally traveled to over 50 countries to work and shop.

So what does this have to do with you or even me? Well, if you are like me, you like nice things and spending my whole paycheck isn't something I wish to do, so I let her do it because quite frankly I think her paycheck is larger than mine.

Anyhow, make sure, you follow her Instagram account @reginesrags(ssh don't tell her, but I convinced her to get an Insta account) and get ready for the launch.

I am positive you will find something in that massive closet of hers.

Oh, and let her know I sent you, by sending her a DM for the "By Invitation Only Club".

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