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The Curl Chronicles

“From Dry and Damaged to Easy to

Manage: A Haircare Love Story”

Trying to get it right

Ever been tired of your hair? I mean “tyadddd”, you know the kind of “I’m so sick of this” that you just want to shave it all off? Well, you're not alone! My hair was brittle, dry and such an eyesore if I must admit… all until I met UallNatural … “Where nature and beauty collide”...

How it started

September 2021

See that face? Don’t I look soooo happy? Happy is the best word I can use to describe these “organic” store brands which kept my hair “hydrated” and “healthy”.(sarcasm) As you can tell, my hair was in dire need of moisture. Not only did it lack hydration, but luster as well. After months of looking for a product, I finally came across UallNatural. Their founder and her green thumb were the saving grace my hair needed.

Hair Types

Let’s get into the science of hair for a bit. There are three common types: low porosity, medium porosity and high porosity.

Due to my high porosity, UallNatural was able to develop a formula that allowed my hair to flourish with ingredients such as avocado, rose water and tea tree oil (the roses from which the rose water comes from, are grown in Mead-Jones’ garden); the results were incredible!

Don't believe me! Stay tuned for my hair journey.


(Image provided by The Wild Curl, 2022

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