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“Tame the Mane” by JaeVera

Hey Curl Crew,

Welcome back to the Curl Chronicles! Today we’re going to get into a very essential topic… developing and maintaining a hair routine. I’ve found that my hair needs a lot of moisture, but my scalp gets super itchy from having so much sebum. Because of this, refreshing or washing my hair every three to four days is necessary.

What’s sebum anyway?

Sebum is the natural oil produced by the scalp to keep your hair shiny, moisturized and most importantly healthy. However, if your scalp produces too much sebum, this will cause build up, flakiness and greasiness.

Right on Time!

If you want to keep the consistency of your hair’s health, follow these easy steps to UallNaturals’ universal hair routine.

Step 1. Section your hair into equal parts (or as equal as possible)

Step 2. Use a quarter sized amount of UallNaturals cleansing shampoo to begin washing the first section of your hair. Repeat this step until you’ve washed all sections.

Step 3. Use your fingers to separate your hair into two sections and begin to add UallNaturals protein packed conditioner. Start with quarter sized amounts and increase or decrease as you see fit once you begin to detangle your hair.

Step 4. Rinse out the conditioner and moisten your strands with UallNatural smooth and buttery souffle. Start with quarter sized amounts and increase or decrease as you see fit.

Step 5. After adding the souffle, seal and lock with the hair and scalp oil. Add five drops to the front, middle, sides, and back of the scalp for maximum seal.

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