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“Simply Put, Uall Should Try It Out!” by JaeVera

Updated: Jun 2

Hey Curl Crew,

Welcome back to the Curl Chronicles! Can I tell you a story? Colors are amazing, but clearly not for my hair. I had to learn the hard way that … Everything that Glitters, ain't Gold. Dye and Bleach

I remember first dying my hair blonde and thinking “Wow, this looks great!”, could you believe no one warned me about how wrong I was? First of all, did you know that bleach destroys the keratin and melanin in your hair? Not only does your hair become colorless, it becomes weak too. Thus, the hair is drier and easier to break or worse, fall out.

Coming Together...Uall

Well, I started using Adele’s and trust me the stuff was excellent for my hair, but because it was sporadic, I had to go back and forth with store bought products ouch, which basically undid what I had finally trained my hair to do.

Then after a few months of no products I started using UallNatural hair products that were specifically formulated for my HIGH POROSITY HAIR. Oh, and the winter formulation nailed it as they changed the formulation to hydrate, hydrate my hair in the winter. Heavy on good stuff is all I can say.

I look chic, right! Ha-ha that's how you do it girls. My curls were poppin...look at my hair, I mean its laid and MOISTURIZED.

And, I have 3c/4a Coils. Wow!

So, now we are in the spring, and they have changed my formulations yet again so that it can capture the moisture that is in the air. Remember during winter there is less moisture and so using glycerin in your products will dry your hair out. Especially if you are in the Northeast or any other area which is COLD.

So, I received my new formulation for the spring/summertime, and I can’t wait to share with you how my hair looks.

Oh, and did I tell you I had zero split-ends when I went to my hairdresser 2 weeks ago for a trim. Yep. I told them; “Don’t put your products in my hair as it always dries it out, and I have to start yet again training my hair.”

But here are the photos of my hair over the course of 2 months, notice the growth? And my stylist noticed too. She is interested in trying the products also.

Oh, and if you are interested in trying them, here's a tip: My crew gets a 5% discount on their purchase. Yep. Just use "Curl Chronicles", when checking out as a promotion code.

Tune in next time for some real-time talk on how I use the products, videos and all.

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